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Our Story

•Since 2022, it’s been BO&DEL’s mission to provide a sturdy protective cover that acts like a safety helmet for wounds. Utilizing a patented technology that safely shields the wounds from external impacts, it’s our aim to deliver our innovative healthcare solution to our clients including, but not restricted to, the children, the elderly, and surgical patients.


•Our mission is to engineer and provide innovative wound care solutions designed to ensure optimal comfort and safety throughout the healing process.


•Our vision is to earn global recognition in the healthcare industry by pioneering advanced wound care solutions that improve health and enrich the quality of life.

Core Values

1.Quality: We are dedicated to excellence in product safety, efficacy, and reliability. By utilizing superior materials and innovative design, we strive to deliver products that protect the wound, facilitate the healing process, and minimize the side effects, setting the standard for premium wound care.

2.Compassion: To understand and address the unique needs of patients, we are committed to developing solutions that enhance user comfort and convenience. In collaboration with medical professionals, we constantly make advancements in our wound care management to ensure meaningful difference in patient health outcomes.

3.Sustainability: We ensure that our operations and products are environmentally responsible. By using eco-friendly materials and production processes, we aim to reduce wastes and positively impact the global ecosystem.


• Special Care and Safe Protection for Every Wound Recovery, BO&DEL



Body Optimization & Delightful Experiences Linked

Our corporate identity is founded on delivering not only restorative healing solutions (Body Optimization) but also ensuring a positively enriching experience (Delight Experience) for our customers.



Guard Your Wounds, Accelerate Your Healing

Safe protection, Comfort, Heal


•Mascot of Andazzi


Protect + comport + Pleasant + Play

Meet Porti, Andazzi’s friendly mascot who’s all about making sure children can play safe and feel protected in a comfortable and joyful environment. Porti is a beacon of calm who loves quiet reading session. Whenever things get a bit too wobbly, the comforting scent of the soil from its beloved garden helps to soothe its startled heart, bringing everything back to calm and cozy.



Meet our CEO

It all began with a personal incident, where my mother had an unfortunate fall, stepping into a pothole and injuring her ankle. Every unintentional bump seemed to prolong her recovery, I realized there was a significant void in the wound care market: a protective cover to shield the wounds.

Motivated by both necessity and a drive to innovate, I embarked on a journey to create what was missing. I started with sketches and moved on to prototyping with a 3D printer, but soon confronted limitations of the materials in the current market. That's when I reached out to one of the medical silicone suppliers in South Korea, seeking their expertise to develop a product that didn’t compromise on comfort or efficacy.

By June 2023, fueled by personal motivation and professional advice, I founded the company, marking the start of an endeavor to blend personal empathy with scientific precision in healthcare innovation.


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Company name  : ANDAZZI

CEO : Jiin Oh

Business number : 379-26-01486

T : 070-8064-0891

F : 050-4381-1606

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Communication order report number : 2023-SeoulEunpyeong-1314

Address : 509-10 Gowoon Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 17, Wowan-gil, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do